Ayurveda Inspired Artisanal Chocolate

Cardamom Fennel : Limited Edition

$ 7.00

Cloud Forest Cardamom and Dessert Fennel walk into a cacao bar to create pure magic!

Here is the first of the many collab bars with our spice partners Burlap and Barrel. 

Growing up, we had a little silver box of spices and herbs (and some sugary stuff too) that would be opened by my grandma after every meal. Cardamom and fennel were two hero ingredients in that box. Later while studying Ayurveda, we learned that these magical combo aids with digestion! Moreover, it is a light, refreshing and a perfect pallet cleanser. The very first time we opened the spices that we received from Burlap and Barrel, the aroma picked us up carried us back home. We knew we had to do this! 

The desert fennel comes from an organic farm in central Egypt, where fennel has been cultivated for millennia. It's grown in an oasis in the desert, irrigated with water from the Nile. In the spring the air is sweet with the licorice smell of fennel flowers. You'll taste a slight saltiness - that's the flavor of the sandy desert soil - followed by a sharp vegetal sweetness at the finish.

The cardamom is grown on a single estate in the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, on a biodynamic farm, using traditional organic methods. The farm emphasizes workers' rights, sustainability and fair business practices. The terroir is ideal for cardamom, which thrives in humid, high altitude environments with plenty of rainfall. The comparatively low temperatures in the mountains during the harvest season (November-January) ensure high levels of fragrant essential oils. Cardamom is sweet and tart, reminiscent of summer fruits, fresh herbs and cut grass. .

This 75% dark bar has only 5 gms of sugar per serving. 

Cacao Origin: Ecuador

Ayurveda herbs: Fennel & Cardamom

Dosha properties: It balances the Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth) doshas. 

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Paste, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Cardamom Powder, Fennel, Himalayan Pink Salt

Net Wt.: 50 gms (1.8 oz)


Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Delicous!

I've not experienced anything quite like it! A beautiful blend of two of my favorite spices - Cardamom and Fennel. Sublime! Thank You!


its great. Love it. Especially the fennel

Incredible Chocolate

I’m not a super-chocolate-connoisseur but I know art when I taste it.


I love cardamom and the combination with fennel is delicious. I could see pairing it with other spices, too, like cinnamon or ginger. I love that your company tries new combinations and tastes. Thank you for another delicious indulgence!

Unique chocolate!

This is a composition of flavors that grows on you as you continue to taste it! Cardamom is a strong flavor but it surprisingly pairs well with the fennel undertones and the beautiful chocolate flavor comes through. If you enjoy trying different combinations, I would highly recommend this bar of chocolate!