Adaptogens Meet Cacao

$ 50.00

Our curated collection of adaptogen packed chocolates and drinking chocolate mix. 

This pack contains:

Sea Salt with Turmeric Infusion (Classic edition & Pantry edition Bars)

Orange Quinoa with Turmeric Infusion (Classic edition & Pantry edition Bars)

Ginger with Black Pepper Infusion (Classic edition Bar)

85% Ecuadoarian Dark with Turmeric Infusion (Pantry edition Bar)

Maple Toffee with Moringa Infusion (Pantry edition Bar)

Ashwagandha Infused Dark Drinking Chocolate Mix (8 Oz Bag)

Turmeric Infused Dark Drinking Chocolate Mix (8 Oz Bag)

Now thats what we call responsible indulgence.

Customer Reviews

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😋 😋😋

Loving this chocolate!! I have yet to try the hot chocolate mix but all of the ‘candy bars’ are super yummy and smooth.

I purchased these for my family for Valentine’s day

I was so excited about these, yet ultimately dissapointed, they were lacking the deep cocoa flavor I love, My favorite bar is Lake Champlain Fruit and Nut bar for reference and to be fair. I love Yogic and Aruveda and was hoping to make your bars my new go to, from the love of Music and intent focused into every bar. I have been adding adaptogens to my shakes and through this would be a nice change to new product. Purchased with high hopes, the taste was less than anticipated. Keep up the inventive production. Gorgeous packaging, very silk like texture, but a bit mild in flavor.

Great packaging; silky textures

Great chocolate! Some of the flavors are too subtle, so that’s why the four stars. Beautiful presentation - each bar wrapped differently; cloth labeling.

More than expected

On a whim, when your offer crossed my screen, I thought I would try your product because the choices in the stores are kind of boring and still taste manufactured. As the time got closer to delivery, I was wondering why did I go do that. But, wow, your product is amazing. So simple but so rich in taste!! Thankful I tried it, going to get more.


I am so pleased to have found guilt free treats that satisfy my chocolate craving