Venus Gift Box

$ 35.00

Venus Gift Box contains both the flavors of our decadent hot chocolate drinking mix along with beautifully crafted clay cups to enjoy them in!

Products in this Gift Box:

Ashwagandha Infused Drinking Chocolate Mix

Turmeric Infused Drinking Chocolate Mix

Two chocolate sipping cups. Natural clay stoneware reveals itself through creamy white and azule glaze at the top and bottom. Glaze height and coverage varies so each will be unique.

All of these packaged in a hand-crafted and minimalistic yellow gift box with Elements Truffles logo etched in silver on the top.

Hard case closes with in-built magnetic arrangement and comes with a teal satin ribbon that completes the look. 

Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty. This box is dedicated to Love, which is not an emotion but our very own existence.

Don't like this curation? Just pick the products you love and add an empty gift box to complement them!