Classic Collection Artisanal Dark Chocolates

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Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings With This Guilt-Free Delicacy

Discover our 70% dark collection made with fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao, sweetened with just honey and infused with ancient Ayurveda superfoods. We call it our "truffle" bar because of its melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Our chocolates are raw and organic. They are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, palm oil, GMO and artificial anything. Each bar is hand-crafted, with a beautiful artistic floral motif.  

Made by meditators in micro-batches with high vibrational music playing in the background, as the chocolates are being made.

 "I’ve tried a million different chocolates but this one definitely is the best one. Pure raw chocolate with natural ingredients. You’ll never want to eat cheap chocolate again." - Anastasiya V, Verified Buyer 


I’m not usually a fan of flowers flavoring my food. But I made an exception for this , and boy was I wowed ! This is a delicious, creamy chocolate with subtle flavors of rose and cardamom, and is not bitter but still only has 5G of sugar for 1/2 the bar!! It’s a win in every sense of the word.

- SB

What Makes Elements Truffles Different

Elements Truffles Other Clean Label Chocolates
No refined/cane sugar
Infused with superfoods
Ayurveda Inspired
Hand made in micro batches
Socially responsible
No Dairy
No Soy/Emulsifiers

You may have seen us before!

“..poised to shake up the US culinary landscape”

“..One of the best souvenirs from New York City”

“..emphasize the health benefits of dark chocolate and make sweets free of refined sugar, as a wholesome alternative to mass-market brands.”

“...chocolate bar perfect for gifting.”



Just scroll up to ‘What’s in the Best Seller Box’ section and tap on the + sign on the product to see the complete ingredients list.


All of the core ingredients in our products are Certified USDA Organic. Except locally sourced honey. Hard truth is that honey made in the USA can’t be certified organic. When faced with the choice between using cheaper certified organic honey produced in Brazil/Mexico or sourcing local honey and giving up the organic certification on our chocolate, we chose the latter. We believe that sustainability is beyond labels.


While all our products are free from dairy, we use honey as a sweetener in our chocolate bars. We call them ‘bee’gan! Our Drinking Chocolate Mix, Coco Fuel (Maple glazed cacao nibs), Ayurveda Shakti Bars and Chai-Spiced Protein Powder are all vegan. You can explore our entire craft here.


Yes. We periodically sample our product for heavy metals. Our ingredients are free from lead content.


Yes, and we have become pretty good at it too! Your products are shipped by 2-Day Fedex or 1-Day UPS/Fedex depending on how far you are from us and how hot it is where you are. All our shipments come with thermal insulation and ice-packs.


Never! Ayurveda recommends not heating honey ever. Our entire manufacturing process uses no flame or concentrated heat. Our honey is gently warmed overnight below 104F in a water jacketed vessel. Similarly, our cacao is also unroasted. We never expose it to high temperatures. A natural fermentation process does occur in the open though.


Generally we ship it within 1-2 business days. If you place an order on Friday, we’ll ship it following Monday to avoid the packages sitting on a tarmac with carriers.


Yes absolutely. Please email your order number and substitution request to as soon as you place the order.


Yes you can specify during the checkout process. Can’t find it? No worries. Just drop us a note on with the order number and your gift note. We’ll take care of it right away.


Our products contain almonds and coconut. Besides these, there are no nuts in the kitchen. While we thoroughly clean our equipment between each batch, if you are allergic, we’d request you to steer clear.


These are made in our own commercial kitchen space located in Union City, NJ


Our cacao is sourced from small farms and co-ops in Ecuador. Our honey comes from a local apiary in central New Jersey. Rest of the ingredients are sourced from the best possible sources. Read more here. about our commitment to fair-trade, transparent and ethical sourcing. Lavender comes from south of France, turmeric comes from India, sea salt comes from Greece and so on.


Yes, we only use edible essential oils.


Half a bar contains about 5 grams of sugar. The sugar comes from honey. We don’t use any refined or cane sugars/stevia/erythritol or other processed sweeteners.


Our products do not require any refrigeration. Please store them in a dry cool place at room temperature.


Our Classic Collection has a shelf life of 6 months. The Rasa collection has a shelf life of 9 months. Ayurveda Shakti Bars have a shelf life of 8 months and all the powders have a shelf life of 18 months.


Feel free to contact us via chat on or send us an email at

What People Say

Based on 1162 reviews

Great value for price. The chai protein powder is so delicious.

Not what I ordered

I was told it was a Chai sampler and I got cardamom. This is the one spice I have an aversion to and would never order. Disappointed since I did pay for shipping.

My go to!

This stuff is sooo good. Really good quality, decadent, reminds me of having real chocolate in Costa Rica (though it’s from Ecuador). It’s been a real gem with curbing my sweet tooth. Highly recommend. I make it with non dairy milk instead of water.

Great quality!

The chocolates are to die for!

Protein Sampler Pack Special Offer

Diya Gift Box
Ruchi Kumar

Diya Gift Box

Sea Salt with Turmeric


I liked it a lot. Very tasty

Sample pack

Only received one sample and still waiting on the rest

Love these products

Highly recommend to everyone

Peppermint with Lavender
Elizabeth Siecke
My favorite bar

This bar has it all. It's guilt free eating, the taste is amazing, and the texture is right on the mark. I keep a stash in my desk drawer. It's my favorite treat! Also, the packaging is super special. Thank you!!

The smoothest, tastiest and purest chocolate!

Just as the title describes, this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted. I cannot believe how delectable it is!

Very rich ballanced in flavor... would like to try them all.

Tastes great

I really enjoyed the Shakti Bars. I had Mango, Rose and Chocolate flavors. They taste amazing without feeling guilty as its sugar free and also satisfies your body doshas.

Tastes great!

This tastes so good. I add it to my plant based collagen booster shake that I drink for breakfast for protein and the flavor is amazing.


I've tried many kinds and forms of protein powder. This is the only one I've actually liked, instead of just tolerated. I will definitely be buying more.

The Best Hot Cocoa Ever!!!!!

My family and I have been enjoying the hot chocolate hugely. The sweetness is just right. I love Elements Truffles.


This stuff is GREAT!!

The very best far and away!

When you love chocolate and can’t have soy, gluten and dairy-
Elements is the answer even if you don’t have any restrictions!
Trying to savour every bite!


I still need to start as I was on special medication treatment and couldn't start.
I will set you a review as soon i start next week.

Love The Chai!

The Chai protein powder is so delicious with all the spices and flavors. I also love that it has such good ingredients. Highly recommended!

Best Protein Powder I’ve Ever Tasted

The protein powder is delicious. Does not have a protein powder taste what do ever. The “energy bars” had very unique flavors and helpful ingredients. Looking forward to ordering more from this company.

The Classic Collection
Anuradha Gupta
Healthy and yummy!!!! 💞💞💞😋

I loved the chocolates - as an Ayurvedic professional I’m so in awe of what you’re doing! Great gift too

great Moringa Maple Toffee Chocolate

I really like this chocolate, it takes great and I digest it very well

Plant Based Ayurvedic Protein Powder with Immunity Boosting Chai Spice