Ayurveda Inspired Artisanal Chocolate

Mini Bars Assorted Pack

$ 16.00

Stock up your pantry with these mini bars. 

Each bar is hand-crafted, with a beautiful lotus motif.  This is our 70% dark collection made with fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao. Sweetened with just honey and infused with ancient Ayurveda superfoods.  

Our chocolates are raw and organic. They are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, palm oil, GMO and artificial anything.  

Made by meditators in micro-batches with high vibrational music playing in the background, as the chocolates are being made.

This pack contains a bar each of the following four flavors. 

1. Cinnamon Orange with Clove 

2. Maple Toffee with Moringa 

3. Orange Quinoa with Turmeric

4. Sea Salt with Turmeric

Ingredients: Organic raw cacao butter, organic raw cacao powder, raw honey, Blend of pure essential oils, Superfoods

(For the exact blend of oils and superfoods, please checkout individual product page for each of the bars.) 

 Net. Wt: 28 gms (1 oz) of each bar. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 641 reviews

Your product is so beautiful and wonderful and clean! It's great that shipping is not extra and that you email upon delivery.

Anisha Joshi
Totally Loved them

I loved the chocolates and best part was I could eat them guilt free! I so wish to find elements truffles in the local store near me.

Barbara Goede
Dark & Yummy

Oh so dark chocolate--it's a joy to hold a bite in my mouth and savory the flavors.

Patricia White
Smooth, delicious, and perfectly blended!

This is the first of Elements Truffles that I’ve tried. My review title says it all. I can see and taste and feel the care that went into making it. Highly recommend.


Great taste, smooth, perfect balance.