Ayurveda Inspired Artisanal Chocolate


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This curated box is inspired by the colors and flavors of spring. The season of rejuvenation.  It's like the nature wakes up after a long hibernation.  

From the Ayurveda viewpoint, we are moving into kapha season. Kapha is the combination of the water and earth element. The qualities of the kapha dosha are like thick gooey mud; cool and heavy.

Spring simply spells joy and hope. And that's exactly what the Bloom box brings you, along with kapha balancing goodness. 

About Elements Truffles:

Our micro-batch and additive-free chocolates are a blend of ethically sourced cacao and herbs inspired by Ayurveda - an ancient science of healing. Our chocolates are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, emulsifiers and anything artificial. These are handmade in the US and sweetened with locally sources raw honey. Whats more? Every purchase of yours contributes towards the education of underprivileged children.


Bloom bundle includes

Orange Quinoa with Turmeric 

Rose with Cardamom

Peppermint with Lavender

Sea Salt with Turmeric

Cardamom Fennel (Limited Edition)

Lemon Coconut with Tulsi

Black Lava Salt with Turmeric



Orange Quinoa with Turmeric: Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Orange Essential Oil, Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Organic Puffed Quinoa, Himalayan Sea Salt 

Rose with Cardamom: Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil, Organic Rose Petals, Himalayan Sea Salt

Peppermint with Lavender: Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Flowers, Himalayan Sea Salt

Sea Salt with Turmeric: Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt

Cardamom Fennel (Limited Edition): Organic Raw Cacao Paste, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Cardamom Powder, Fennel, Himalayan Pink Salt

Lemon Coconut with Tulsi: Organic Raw Cacao Paste, Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Organic Coconut (Shredded), Lemon Essential Oil, Tulsi Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt

Black Lava Salt with Turmeric: Organic Raw Cacao Paste, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Black Lava Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt



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Customer Reviews

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Tried and true

I am a repeat customer because of the quality of ingredients, the chance to have a treat that is more healthful than so many other options, and the wide variety of flavors that appeal to me. The customer service person was so gracious to allow me to have a substitution of Easter eggs for one of the bars, since eggs were not sold separately. The eggs are fun and delicious. The hard part was choosing which bar to substitute! Letting small pieces of each chocolate bar melt over my tongue, the distinct- though subtle- flavors really sing .

Priyanka A
Repeat customer - love Elements Truffles

I am a repeat customer of Elements Truffles. I love to try out their unique offerings. The chocolate is especially smooth and melts away in your mouth. None of the spices are over powering. They only enhance the taste of the chocolate. I love that I can get such delicious vegan chocolate delivered right at my door step.