Class of 2019

$ 50.00

Celebrate this milestone with these clean, high vibe, hand crafted chocolate. Perfect gift for the big day. 

This gift box of assorted chocolates contain our best selling classic edition bars, pantry edition bars and drinking chocolate mix. 

Sea Salt with Turmeric Infusion (Classic Edition Bar)

Orange Quinoa with Turmeric Infusion (Classic Edition Bar)

Peppermint with Lavender Infusion (Classic Edition Bar)

85% Ecuadoarian Dark with Turmeric Infusion (Pantry Edition Bar)

Maple Toffee with Moringa Infusion (Pantry Edition Bar)

Cinnamon Orange with Clove Infusion (Pantry Edition Bar)

Turmeric Infused Dark Drinking Chocolate Mix (8 Oz Bag)

All this goodness is placed into a beautifully hand-crafted and minimalistic yellow gift box with Elements Truffles logo etched in silver on the top.

Hard case closes with in-built magnetic arrangement and comes with a teal satin ribbon that completes the look.