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Why cocoa prices are rising this year?

Cracking the cocoa crisis: What's behind the price surge?

Attention, chocolate lovers! If you're like me and can't resist the love towards a good bar of chocolate, then brace yourself for some bittersweet news. The cocoa industry is facing its worst supply deficit in decades, driving cocoa prices to new heights. Yes, you read that right – cocoa prices have soared to their all-time high, with futures tripling in cost since last year, up a staggering 130% in 2024.

What is cocoa ?

Cocoa is what we get from the seeds of the cacao tree. First, we pick the cacao pods from the tree. Then, we take out the seeds and let them ferment and dry. After that, we roast them and grind them into a paste. This paste is cocoa. We can make cocoa powder from it by separating the solid parts from the fat. Cocoa powder is used to make things like chocolate drinks and desserts.

Why are cocoa prices rising?

What's causing this chocolate catastrophe, you ask? Crop failures in West Africa and Ghana, two major cocoa -producing regions, are to blame. And the impact is being felt worldwide, even if your favorite chocolate bar hails from places like Ecuador.

Cocoa prices are going up this year mainly because it's been tough to grow cocoa in places like West Africa, where a lot of it comes from. The weather there hasn't been great for the cocoa trees, and there have been problems with diseases and pests that hurt the crops. 

When this happens, there's not as much cocoa available, so its price goes up. Also, more and more people around the world are enjoying chocolate, which means there's a bigger demand for cocoa. When demand goes up and supply goes down, prices tend to rise. That's why you might have noticed chocolate getting more expensive lately!

How does this cocoa crisis impact you, the consumer?

Check your ingredients: Big companies, feeling the pinch of rising cocoa prices, may resort to sneaky tactics to maintain their profit margins. Keep an eye on the ingredient lists of your beloved chocolate products. You might start seeing more refined sugar, palm oil, chocolate flavors, milk powder, and less actual cocoa . Don't let them fool you – read those labels!

Check size of your bar: While the prices of chocolates may remain unchanged, don't be surprised if the size of your favorite bar suddenly shrinks. This subtle tactic allows manufacturers to offset the increased ingredient costs without overtly raising prices. Keep an eye out for any downsizing tactics and make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Support matters more than ever: As consumers, we hold the power to influence change with our purchasing decisions. In times like these, supporting ethical and transparent chocolate brands becomes crucial. Look for companies that prioritize quality and responsible sourcing practices, even in the face of adversity. Your support means the world to these businesses, enabling them to weather the storm and continue delivering exceptional products.

Hopefully, the weather improves soon and we can all enjoy our chocolate treats without breaking the bank!

At Elements Truffles, we understand the challenges posed by the cocoa crisis. Rest assured, we remain committed to maintaining the integrity of our products and sourcing from the same trusted farms we've always relied on. Quality and transparency are non-negotiables for us, and we're grateful for your unwavering support during these trying times.

As we navigate through this turbulent period, let's savor every chocolate indulgence with a newfound appreciation. Together, we can ensure that the love for chocolate endures, even in the face of adversity. Thank you for being part of our journey.




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