Free Shipping above $45
Free Shipping above $45
Our Commitments
Our Commitments

Giving Back

Education is a universal right that can help break the cycles of poverty, disease, and social inequity.

25% Profits Donated

Each purchase of yours ignites hope in a child's life. Every year, we contribute 25% of our profits towards holistic education of underprivileged children in India in partnership with Care for Children.

Helped over a thousand students

With your support, we have been able to help over a thousand students with books, learning materials, food, and other necessary essentials needed to educate them in a stress-free environment.

At Care for Children, even the teachers are trained in methods of holistic education, breathwork and meditation practices, and participation in community development programs, making them agents of change.

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Sustainability & Tracability

Early on in our journey, we faced a dilemma arising from the fact that the honey produced in the USA cannot be certified organic by the USDA. That's the hard truth. We had a choice to either go for cheaper Certified Organic honey produced in Brazil, Uruguay or Mexico and earn USDA Organic certification or source local honey and give up the organic certification on our chocolate. We chose the latter. Sustainability is beyond labels.

Transparency and traceability is important for us. As of November 2023, we have accomplished our traceability target we had set for ourselves. Now every bar of chocolate can be traced all the way to the exact parcel of farmland it was produced on and the farmer who produced it! Now that's going all the way to the source!

Every aspect of our packaging is bio-degradable and recyclable.

From hand-stitched labels to hand-pressed paper, our packaging is a tribute to the local artisans who pour their heart in making our products as beautiful from outside as they are inside. Our customers love the unique experience and artisanal craft thrives. Win-win!

Fair trade,
and ethical sourcing

Our highest quality single-origin cacao comes from small and mid-size family-owned farms and co-ops in Ecuador.

We work directly with the farmers. No traders involved, no middlemen. Hence, no room for any unscrupulous pricing practices. It was not easy to start with. Our local partner had to send small trucks to pick up cacao from these nondescript small village farmers who couldn’t even afford transportation to the city and hence often fell for bigger companies who promised to buy their entire produce for a song.

We are so proud of our team, which over a period of time, has done a marvelous job of creating lifelong bonds with these farmers. Now we buy our Cacao directly from small and remote farms.

Cacao farmers, essential contributors to the chocolate industry, deserve more than just fair wages; they have a right to a living income that enables them to meet basic human needs, fostering sustainable and thriving communities. We have zero tolerance for child labor on the farms we source from. Read our policy statement for further details.

Usually, cacao is traded through commodities exchanges, offering the farmers a ‘haircut’ on the international prices. Since we completely avoid middlemen, we manage to pay a stable price that is above the commodity exchange.

It leaves us with happy farmers, integrous produce, and a lot of heart in the entire supply chain.


One of our biggest quests early on was to find a source of honey that aligned with our sourcing philosophy. We wanted a partner who was mindful of the extreme stress on the bee colonies caused from constant foraging activity.

We found a perfect master beekeeper at a local apiary in central New Jersey who cared about his bees more than anything. And doing it with so much care and integrity for the last forty years!

A micro-packer, producing only raw honey, never overheated or filtered. Every ounce of honey that he produces, originates with the diverse variety of local wildflowers abundantly blooming throughout the area. This yields a distinct variety of flavors, naturally blended together by the bees that are loved and never over-worked.

Intentional food

We play ancient sounds while the chocolates are manufactured. They not only enrich the food with high vibes but also keep our minds in the present moments.

Meditation and mental wellbeing are an integral part of our philosophy.