Ayurveda Gift Box

$ 45.00

Think of it as pretty much our bestsellers in a box! Hand-crafted box adorned with Nelumbo custom artwork includes an assortment of two of our Cla...
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The Classic Collection

$ 40.00

This is our original classic collection.  Each bar is hand-crafted, with a beautiful artistic floral motif.  This is our 70% dark collection made w...
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The Rasā Collection

$ 35.00

Rasā is a Sanskrit term meaning "essence". This collection captures the essence of what we stand for. Pure. Clean. High-Vibe.  Each bar is hand-cra...
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Adaptogens Infused Hot Chocolate Sampler (2 Pack)

$ 30.00 $ 28.00

Introducing Elements Truffles Hot Chocolate Mix infused with ayurvedic adaptogens - the ancient superfoods. Includes our signature flavors of drink...
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