Assorted Box of Truffles

$ 30.00

These melt in mouth chocolate truffles mark the very beginning of our journey at Elements Truffles! 

This classic gift box contains an assortment of our signature flavors. A perfect sampler of delicate truffles. Hand crafted and garnished with love.

Everything about these truffles is exotic and mindful. They each carry a story which we will share on social media over the next several weeks. 

Today, I’ll share the story of the box itself. We didn’t want to use any glue in making the box. After a lot of trial and error we designed a box that was a complete work of origami. The artist who designed the box had never created anything like this before. The entire box unfolds into a flat paper and requires no glue to hold it together! 

The assorted bon-bons inside have been crafted with even more love and care. 

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Wilma S Albert
Satisfaction guarantee!

Much appreciated for the package! All items received are to my satisfaction. Thank you kindly!

Diana Hagerty
Beautiful, Delicious, Healthy Treats

I have been giving Elements Truffles as gifts after tasting them. Everyone has thought these were exquisite delicacies! The presentation is impeccable, the taste is smooth and delicious. The healthy aspect of the truffles only adds to the specialness of the experience. These truffles truly shift people's experience of what good chocolate is!

Jordynne Spinell

I was blown away by how delicious the chocolates were! They truly did start to melt away in my mouth and were so rich (but not overly so)! Plus with the added benefits, elements has become my go to favorite chocolates!

Molly Parr

Assorted Box of Truffles

Elli Bode

Assorted Box of Truffles