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3 Reasons Why We Created Shakti Bars

In Ayurveda, the word Shakti is associated with energy, power, strength and endurance. 

Ayurveda Shakti Bars are plant based wholesome and delicious energy bars that are infused with Ayurveda superfoods. They taste shakti'licious and are made with clean ingredients that you can find in your kitchen pantry.

Here are the three reasons why we made them!  

We were bored with the dull and bland tasting energy bars. We wanted something different.

When looking for an energy boost, eating something that has no taste isn’t necessarily at the top of our list.  We want to be able to enjoy the flavor and not just eat it for the sake of boosting our energy. The taste, the texture, the mouthfeel; it all matters. No one wants to waste their calories on a bar that doesn’t make them want another bite.

We wanted something that reminded us of home, with ingredients we could recognize and trust.

 There is something special about eating something that takes us back to our childhood. From growing up to the ever so familiar rose flavor in every Indian dessert, to being excited about savoring ripe mangoes on the onset of summer, to that chocolate dessert that never missed a family gathering - these bars bring back our childhood memories and allow us to create new ones.

While all the childhood memories were sweet, we’ve set out to recreate those memories with cleaner ingredients. From no added sugar to clean ingredients, every bar consists of all natural organic ingredients that you can recognize. Most importantly, these bars are for everyone!

We wanted to create an Ayurvedic energy bar to support your immunity

As we return to “normal” life, we want to ensure that we continue to prioritize our health wherever we go - whether it be back to the office, the gym or your next adventure.

It is no secret the last 17 months have been a challenge for everyone. While we start returning to all the things we have not been able to do this past year, we continue to be cautiously aware of our health and well-being. In Ayurveda, dates are considered to be one of the highest immunity building foods, which is the core ingredient of our Ayurveda Shakti Bars. While we do not know what the future brings, as we resume our daily routines and embark on our next adventures, we hope that these bars accompany you on your journeys! 

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