Free Shipping above $45
Free Shipping above $45
Why Chocolates are the perfect gifts?

Celebrating is the inherent element of human nature. We find ample reasons to celebrate - birthdays, anniversaries, promotion, graduation, finding a lost cat (you get the point). Coming together, dressed in our best, sharing food, exchanging conversations and giving gifts (and receiving too) are parts of every celebration in varying degrees.

However, this pandemic has made celebrating complicated. We haven't been able to visit friends or family over the 4th July or Labor Day. Now Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are on the horizon and winter chills are also settling in earlier than expected but we still remain socially distanced from our loved ones.

Celebrations as we knew them have changed for now. But we are so creative with our zoom parties, virtual hugs and socially distanced gatherings. However, one thing that has remained the same is gifting, at least the intention and love behind the idea is still there. Instead of spending hours in malls or departmental stores, many of us are sprawling the internet to get something special for everyone to show our love, appreciation and gratitude. 

We all have experienced a struggle to source a meaningful gift - something small or big, sweet or savory, regular stocking stuffers or a very special present. But with our customized or pre-synchronized gift boxes you and all your loved ones are taken care of.


'How?' you might ask. 

  • Chocolates at Elements Truffles are handmade and packed in artisan paper boxes or pouches. Chocolates arrive in a hand-crafted box adorned with Nelumbo custom artwork.
Your special someone who deserves something unique - check
  • All our ingredients are ethically sourced. We give 25% of all our profits to educational causes for underprivileged children, promote meditation and stress relieving techniques with our team members and our local community.
Your socially responsible parents and meditation loving sister - check
  • Our chocolates are sweetened with local honey and free of dairy, gluten, soy, emulsifier and preservatives. All of our products have less than ten and all-natural ingredients.
Your health-conscious cousin, diabetic auntie and a friend who insists on gluten free - check
  • Corporate gifting is redefined when handmade chocolates produced in small batches with utmost proficiency and shipped out in a timely manner arrive just in time for the holidays and have your personalized message.
Your earnest clients and well deserving colleagues who always appreciate your unique taste and look forward to being surprised by you - check
  • Our hot chocolate drink mixes are perfect for making a European style hot chocolate drink that can be enjoyed on its own or serves as a perfect partner for eggnog or Irish coffee.
Your uncle who loves a night cap and children that already had too much sugar but still want Hot Cocoa with marshmallows before bedtime - check
  • A perfect gift combination that pleases everyone and earns many compliments for a great taste and a luxury guilt-free indulgence for a late-night Netflix binge
Yourself - check


So don't holdback and order your gift boxes now. If you need help with multiple recipients and transactions, connect with us and we will help you check off your gift list.