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5 Reasons Why Mothers Love our Chocolate

Dear Reader, 

I am a mother of a five year old and I let her eat half a bar of chocolate in one go. And here’s why.

Do you ever sneak food in your child’s meal that she normally doesn’t like? To be honest I think you will not find a parent who doesn’t do that. Sometimes we bake muffins with sweet potatoes to get those precious fibers in and sometimes we are just hell-bent on reducing that last 5 grams of sugar from their daily intake. I mean aren’t they hyper enough that we have to drown them in processed foods and refined sugars.

In this pandemic era that we are living in, I feel I am watching her food intake with a microscope. I have been fortunate enough that she usually likes to snack on raw fruits and vegetables. But is that enough to have a robust immune system? Of course not. She, just like my husband and I, needs to strengthen her immune and digestive system. Growing up, I remember mom giving me spices and herbs to help do just that. A peak into her magical spice box - Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, Cardamom to boost digestive health, Ashwagandha to manage stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels, Cinnamon to decrease the amount of glucose that enters your bloodstream after a meal.

Following her suite, as my daughter eats fresh and healthy meals on a daily basis, I sneak in different superfoods in her diet without her finding out. Like Turmeric and Moringa in her favorite broccoli almond soup and Cardamom in her chocolate milk. But she definitely needs her sweet treats now and then. And I really don’t mind letting her have those little indulgences (one that satisfies her sweet tooth and my nutrition benchmark). That’s where I love Elements Truffles.

Here are 5 Reasons why every Mother will fall in love with Elements Truffles

1. Clean Ingredients

These organic and raw chocolates are made with simple and clean ingredients. All natural ingredients - cacao butter, cacao paste, honey, and cacao powder. I know, I know ! It tastes decadent and my 5-year old loves it. To those skeptics I would say – easy peasy ABCs it’s called a 3 bite rule. Try it to know it. These chocolates are 70%-75% dark and they are not bitter or dry at all. Send your thank-you notes to almighty honey and micro-batch production.

2. Packed with superfoods

All the chocolates are loaded with superfoods. If we are putting these amazing spices and herbs in our smoothies, juices, vegetables, and tortillas then why not chocolates. Getting kids to eat superfoods like turmeric, tulsi, ginger, black pepper, lavender, lemon, cinnamon, and cardamom is not easy for most moms and damn near impossible for some. And don’t forget raw chocolate itself is also a superfood.

3. No Artificial Junk

There is no artificial junk in there at all. NOPE. NONE. First time I saw the ingredient list I read it all thrice in less than a minute without scrunching my eyebrows or twisting my tongue. There is no refined sugar, no soy, no preservatives, no artificial color, no lecithin and no artificial flavors. The only reason I am repeating so many NO’s is that I haven’t found many chocolates out there who are saying no to normal industry standards and still making amazing products.

4. No Sugar Rush

These chocolates are sweetened with locally sourced raw honey. They are free from refined sugar and with only 2.5gms of sugar in a serving. With raw honey as a sweetener and these bars being so low in sugar, I don’t have to deal with my kid on a sugar high!

5. Bonding time

While my daughter enjoys this chocolate, I love it too. It is my guilt-free indulgence. And so we have turned this into a special mother-daughter bonding time. Where we both indulge joyfully in our favorite chocolate bars, and talk about how our days were. And that image of a chocolate smeared smile on my daughter’s face, will forever be etched in my memory ! Priceless.

A chocolate I don’t have to say no-to. An indulgence I can allow my child without feeling guilty. My daughter eats half a bar of Ginger bar infused with Black Pepper in one go and she loves it.  What is more amazing is that I love that she loves it. It makes me a cool mom that lets her eat chocolate and I know that she is eating superfoods. Win. Win.

And yes, I love their drinking chocolate mix as well. It has turmeric, ashwagandha and is so versatile. I use them to make hot chocolate, cold chocolate, ice pop, ice creams, brownies, cakes, pancakes, and chocolate syrup. They are now my pantry must-haves and have replaced my regular cocoa powder

And last but not the least - I love how they are committed to sustainability and giving back. One of things I always tell my daughter, how this piece of chocolate that she is enjoying is also supporting education of someone as young as her in India - the country where her mom grew up.

And while I could go on, I don’t want to keep my hot cacao waiting any longer. And it’s infused with Ashwagandha.

With love,


May 05, 2020 by Abhishek Ratna