Ashwagandha Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix (2 Pack)

Ashwagandha Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix (2 Pack)

Whether it's a chilly winter evening or a hot summer day, this Ashwagandha-infused Drinking Chocolate mix is the perfect treat to uplift your mood and soothe your senses. It is a versatile mix that can be enjoyed hot or chilled.

Experience the ultimate indulgence with Elements Truffles Drinking Chocolate Mix infused with Ashwagandha, the ancient adaptogenic superfood. This Ayurveda-inspired superfood is renowned for its energizing and stress-relieving properties. Enjoy the benefits of this adaptogen in a deliciously rich and creamy dark chocolate mix.

Unlike some sugary watery mixes out there, this Ashwagandha Infused Vegan Drinking Chocolate mix makes decadently thick chocolate mix by simply adding water to it. Learn more about how to make a perfect drink in How to Enjoy section.

Cacao Origin: Ecuador (Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Organic)


$ 28.00

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Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Cacao Paste, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

Gently heat 1 cup of mylk in a saucepan until it starts to bubble. Add 2 tbsp of drinking chocolate. Whisk briskly until the cocoa is fully incorporated. Let is simmer for a minute. Pour it in your favorite cup! Optional: Froth some mylk and pour on top of the drinking chocolate. Top it up with some toasted marshmallows. Yum! For a European style hot chocolate shot, replace mylk with water. Let it simmer for 3-5 mins and reduce it to 4Oz rich chocolate shot.

Ayurveda Superfood: Ashwagandha

Brings about a sense of: Energy

Dairy Free

Refined Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

5g per Serving

Ethically Sourced

GMO Free

Small Batch

What’s Inside?

You may have seen us before!

“..poised to shake up the US culinary landscape”

“..One of the best souvenirs from New York City”

“..emphasize the health benefits of dark chocolate and make sweets free of refined sugar, as a wholesome alternative to mass-market brands.”

“...chocolate bar perfect for gifting.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Diane W.
Rose Cocoa

Smooth and delicious

Just perfect, like all Elements Truffles delicacies

We love the drinking chocolate mixes - as hot drinks and in little recipes for treats. Over time, we have ordered many items from Elements Truffles and have enjoyed all of them. We love sharing them with friends and family, as gifts and especially as a dessert so that we can watch our friends delight in the flavors as they hear the story of this beautiful company.

Denise B.
Delicious and Nutritious

These products are amazing. A little of your chocolate products go a long way. Delicious hot chocolate mixes with wonderful ingredients and additions to make them healthful and beneficial. Your products are the best! Highly recommended.

Katherine S.

I enjoyed the Ashwagandha Drinking Chocolate mix immensely. It has a very rich chocolate taste with little sweetness but no bitterness. I enjoy making it with half coconut cream and half water. It's almost like pudding or mousse. Divine!

Adrianne L.E.M.
Love it

I have been a cacao aficionado for years and I have to say Elements products stand out - with clean ingredients and great flavor. I purchased the Sampler pack- one Infused with Ashwagandha and the other with Turmeric - both are great. I feel good drinking Elements cacao in the morning - the low glycemic drink sustains me without the energy crash. Thank you Elements!

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Ask Us Anything

Absolutely! In fact it’s one of the most popular uses of our chocolates because the ingredients are the healthiest around!

All of the core ingredients in our products are Certified USDA Organic. Except locally sourced honey. Hard truth is that honey made in the USA can’t be certified organic. When faced with the choice between using cheaper certified organic honey produced in Brazil/Mexico or sourcing local honey and giving up the organic certification on our chocolate, we chose the latter. We believe that sustainability is beyond labels.

While all our products are free from dairy, we use honey as a sweetener in our chocolate bars. We call them ‘bee’gan! Our Drinking Chocolate Mix, Coco Fuel (Maple glazed cacao nibs), Ayurveda Shakti Bars and Chai-Spiced Protein Powder are all vegan.

Yes. We periodically sample our products for heavy metals, and they are certified safe from heavy metals.

Yes, and we have become pretty good at it too! Your products are shipped by 2-Day Fedex or 1-Day UPS/Fedex depending on how far you are from us and how hot it is where you are. All our shipments come with thermal insulation and ice-packs.

Never! Ayurveda recommends not heating honey ever. Our entire manufacturing process uses no flame or concentrated heat. Our honey is gently warmed overnight below 104F in a water jacketed vessel.

Our cacao is unroasted. We never expose it to high temperatures. A natural fermentation process does occur in the open though.

Generally we ship it within 1-2 business days. If you place an order on Friday, we’ll ship it following Monday to avoid the packages sitting on a tarmac with carriers.

Yes you can specify during the checkout process. Can’t find it? No worries. Just drop us a note on with the order number and your gift note. We’ll take care of it right away.

Our products contain almonds and coconut. Besides these, there are no nuts in the kitchen. While we thoroughly clean our equipment between each batch, if you are allergic, we’d request you to steer clear.

These are made in our own commercial kitchen space located in Union City, NJ.

We are deeply committed to fair-trade, transparent and ethical sourcing. Our cacao is sourced from small farms and co-ops in Ecuador. Our honey comes from a local apiary in central New Jersey. Rest of the ingredients are sourced from the best possible sources. Lavender comes from south of France, turmeric comes from India, sea salt comes from Greece and so on.

Yes, we only use edible essential oils.

Half a bar contains about 5 grams of sugar. The sugar comes from honey. We don’t use any refined or cane sugars/stevia/erythritol or other processed sweeteners.

Our products do not require any refrigeration. Please store them in a dry cool place at room temperature.

Our Classic Collection has a shelf life of 6 months. The Rasa collection has a shelf life of 9 months. Ayurveda Shakti Bars have a shelf life of 8 months and all the powders have a shelf life of 18 months.