The Ras‹ Collection

$ 35.00

Rasā is a Sanskrit term meaning "essence".

This collection captures the essence of what we stand for.

Pure. Clean. High-Vibe.

Each bar is hand-crafted, with a beautiful lotus motif. This is our 75% dark collection made with fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao. Sweetened with just honey and infused with ancient Ayurveda superfoods.

Our chocolates are raw and organic. They are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, palm oil, GMO and artificial anything.

Made by meditators in micro-batches with high vibrational music playing in the background, as the chocolates are being made.

We launched the box with some progressive flavors, with the intent to swap out some of the progressive flavors after evaluating the customer feedback. But you all have loved it so much! Till date, we haven’t been able to replace a single bar from the original collection launched in 2018!

This pack contains a bar each of the following 5 flavors.

1. Maple Toffee with Moringa

2. Black Lava Salt with Turmeric

3. Almonds and Golden Raisins with Saffron

4. Spicy Cayenne with Cinnamon

5. Lemon Coconut with Tulsi

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Paste, Raw Honey, Organic Cacao Butter, Blend of Pure Essential Oils, Superfood, Himalayan Salt

Net Wt. 1.8 oz (of each bar)

For the exact blend of oils and superfoods, please checkout individual product page for each of the bars

Customer Reviews

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Susan Goss

The Ras‹ Collection

Sio Mac

I really enjoy this particular bar. The flavors are very forward and well balanced the lavender is present but not overwhelming, the texture is so smooth and satisfying. This is one of my faves. I especially appreciate how smooth, creamy and rich this is without the dairy!!

Rose rose rose!

This is the only chocolate bar with such a strong NATURAL rose taste! Nothing else compares!

Carmel Gilmore

The Classic Collection

Thought the Orange Quinoa Bar was the Best, but NO, THIS ONE IS!!

I really enjoyed the rose with cardamom bar, and then I fell in love with the orange quinoa bar, but the peppermint lavender bar surpassed them both!!