Hot Chocolate Sampler - Special Offer (7 servings)

$ 26.00

This is a sampler pack of Elements Truffles Hot Chocolate Mix infused with Ayurvedic adaptogens - the ancient superfoods.

This sampler pack contains 2 products.

1. Turmeric Drinking Chocolate Mix (4 Oz) - 6 Servings

2. Rose Drinking Chocolate Mix (1 Oz) - 1 Serving

In addition, you will also receive a $10 Gift Card for your next purchase. 

This drinking chocolate mix is made from raw, organic and fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao that you have to taste to believe! It is hand-made in micro-batches. Made with only four main ingredients, this mix turns into a decadent European style drinking chocolate by simply adding water to it.

A perfect drinking cocoa treat for any weather. Enjoy it chilled or hot!


Customer Reviews

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Tumeric hot chocolate fantastic

The Tumeric hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate I've ever enjoyed. The Tumeric adds an earthy groundedness that jumps up the flavor of the cacao. Outstanding.

Really enjoy these blends!

The turmeric cocoa is my morning go-to drink! The rose cocoa isn great for winding down in the evenings. I look forward to each cup every day!!!

Jennifer Denlinger
Great idea

I think this a great idea to promote your product.
It would be cool for a sampler pack that would work for a party and such. You could make a bunch of small samples and people could try them all. There could be coupons/ codes included so attendees could then purchase their favorite flavors.

Doris Flaharty
Just 😋

Totally surprised by the quality in the hot chocolate. We have allergies to preservatives at our house and pleasantly surprised at the "clean" chocolate!!

Mariann Waltz

Hot Chocolate Sampler - Special Offer (7 servings)