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Coco Fuel

Maple syrup happens to be one of my favorite sweeteners. I always like to experiment with it. And then there are Cacao nibs. The amazingly aromatic, crunchy, chocolaty, bitter splinters from Theobroma (food of Gods) Cacao tree.

How would you like your chocolate to fight heart disease, deadly cancers, allergies and high blood sugar? Here’s the good news-these chocolaty cacao nibs are a storehouse of nutrients that come loaded with powerful plant compounds.

Cacao nibs that can go into your morning oatmeal or jazz up your choco muffins, are not just a baker’s delight but also one of the richest source of flavonoid antioxidants (by weight) in all food groups. You need a good dose of antioxidants to stave off rogue free radicals that can compromise your immunity, cause premature aging of skin, heart problems and undermine brain function. They are pure joy for chocolate lovers because they are unprocessed, lowest in sugar in all types of cacaos, a rich source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. These nutrients make you feel full without compromising on the health quotient.

These dark cacao nibs are packed with minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and copper-minerals that you need for your bone health, immunity, better metabolism and production of red blood cells. Magnesium alone is responsible for over 300 enzyme functions in our body, yet surprisingly, our regular diet does not have enough of it.

 The Birth Story

Coco Fuel was born out of a wild thought. What happens when we combine these amazingly rich and flavorful Cacao nibs sourced from Ecuador with the goodness of very high grade maple syrup from the woods of Vermont?

The nibs are soaked into maple syrup overnight and slow cooked in the morning to form a perfect glaze. These are then mixed with essential oils and all natural ingredients like cardamom or lemon to give that subtle flavor that complements sharp notes of Cacao.   

 These little energy boosters are so versatile that we still keep finding new ways of incorporating them in our day.  

Here are some fun ways to add Coco Fuel to your diet:

🕗 8 AM: 

  • Liven up your favorite smoothie with a spoonful of Coco Fuel.
  • Sprinkle it on top of your PBJ toast.
  • Add them into your oatmeal.

🕙 10 AM:

  • Who deprive nuts and dried fruits of chocolaty friendships! Add Choco Fuel to them for a healthy but TASTY snack break.

🕐 1 PM:

  • Use it as a breath freshener post lunch to replace sugary artificially flavored mints.

🕓 4 PM:

  • Add Coco Fuel to your lattes and cappuccinos. 

🕗 8 PM:

  • Pop Coco Fuel for post dinner sweet cravings. 

 In recipes: 

  • Choco chips are passé. Throw in some Coco Fuel to rustle up a nice granola recipe. Give your day a flavorful start!
  • You can make super healthy energy balls by adding Coco Fuel to coconut, almond butter, and puréed dates.
  • Level up your hot chocolate by adding some Coco Fuel.
  • If you make nut based milks at home, feel free to blend in some Coco Fuel.  
  • Make nut butters at home and add sprinkles of Coco Fuel. See it emerge as the house favorite.  

 You have more ideas? Write them to us at and we’d add them to this list, of course with your name next to it!