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Adaptogen Infused Hot Chocolate Recipe - Serve Chilled!

Chilled Hot Chocolate Infused with Ashwagandha & Turmeric

We just created a recipe of cold chocolate from Elements Truffles Ashwagandha Infused Drinking Chocolate as well as Elements Truffles Turmeric Infused Drinking Chocolate.


25 gms of Elements Truffles Drinking Hot Chocoalte Mix

3 Tsps of hot water

½ cup of non-dairy alternative


1.    Mix the water with the hot chocolate mix till it becomes a nice thick paste.

2.    Pour ½ cup of coconut milk in the blender

3.    Add the chocolate paste to the blender

4.    Add some coconut cream (optional)

5.    Blend away. 

6.    Pour in a cup and add some ice.

Here is how we did it. Take a look at this video.

We used Elements Truffles Turmeric Infused Drinking Chocolate here but there is no difference if you choose to use Ashwagandha drinking mix. 

Drink responsibly. 😋