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Vegan Rose Cardamom Cookies

Vegan Rose Cardamom Cookies

Indulge in the delicate flavors of roses and cardamom with these Vegan Rose Cardamom Cookies. Perfectly sweet, fragrant, and easy to make, these cookies are a delightful treat for any occasion. The combination of floral notes from the rose water and the warm, aromatic spice of cardamom creates a unique and irresistible flavor profile.


1 1/4 cup almond flour
1/3 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/3 cup coconut palm sugar
1/4 cup aquafaba (I used @vorfoods aquafaba powder for 2 eggs)
3 tbsp melted coconut oil
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp rose water
1 tsp @burlapandbarrel cardamom spice
1/4 cup @elementstruffles cardamom coco fuel


  1. Prepare the Dry Ingredients: Begin by assembling all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, excluding the coco fuel. With a gentle stir, ensure they're thoroughly combined, setting the stage for the aromatic journey ahead.

  2. Whip Up the Aquafaba: In a separate mixing bowl, embark on the creation of the cookie's airy texture. Utilize a hand mixer to whip the aquafaba into a fluffy cloud-like consistency, infusing it with lightness and promise.

  3. Infuse Flavor and Moisture: Elevate the aquafaba with layers of flavor and moisture by incorporating coconut oil, vanilla extract, and the fragrant essence of rose water. With the hand mixer as your guide, blend these ingredients harmoniously until they meld into a symphony of taste and aroma.

  4. Fold in the Dry Ingredients: Introduce the prepared dry ingredients to the aquafaba mixture with a gentle, caring hand. Folding them in delicately ensures a uniform distribution, paving the way for a perfectly balanced cookie experience. As the final touch, add the coco fuel to enrich the texture and deepen the flavor profile, completing the ensemble.

  5. Chill and Preheat: Patience becomes a virtue as you allow the cookie dough to rest and chill for approximately 30 minutes, granting it time to harmonize and firm up. Meanwhile, set the stage for baking perfection by preheating your oven to a precise 375°F (190°C).

  6. Shape and Adorn: With anticipation mounting, scoop generous portions of the chilled cookie dough onto a parchment-lined tray, each one a canvas awaiting transformation. For an extra touch of elegance, crown the cookies with delicate rose petals, elevating their visual allure.

  7. Bake to Perfection: As the cookies embark on their transformative journey in the oven, let their fragrant aroma fill the air with anticipation. Bake them for a mere 20 minutes, allowing their edges to turn golden brown, signaling readiness to enchant palates far and wide.

  8. Savor the Moment: As the timer chimes, a moment of anticipation gives way to sheer delight. Allow the cookies to cool on the tray for a brief interlude of reflection, then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely. With hearts and senses open, savor each moment as you indulge in the captivating flavor and texture of these Vegan Rose Cardamom Cookies.

Equipment needed:

  • Bowls: You'll need bowls to mix your ingredients. Make sure you have different sizes for mixing.
  • Hand Mixer: This is like a blender but smaller. It helps make your aquafaba fluffy.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons: These are used to measure ingredients like flour and vanilla extract accurately.
  • Spatula or Spoon: Use these to gently mix your ingredients together.
  • Baking Sheet and Parchment Paper: You'll need a flat baking tray covered with baking paper so your cookies don't stick.
  • Cookie Scoop or Spoon: This helps you scoop the cookie dough onto the tray evenly.
  • Oven: This is where you'll bake your cookies. Make sure it's preheated to the right temperature.
  • Cooling Rack: After baking, let your cookies cool on a wire rack. This helps them cool down properly without getting soggy.

Storage Suggestions:

  • Container: Put your cookies in a container that closes tightly.

  • Room Temperature: If you'll eat them soon, leave them on the counter.

  • Fridge: For longer storage, keep them in the fridge in a sealed container.

  • Freezer: To keep them even longer, freeze them. Put them in a bag or container and store them in the freezer.
  • Layers: If you stack them, use parchment paper between each layer to stop them from sticking.

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